Water and Sewer Division

316 N 12th Street
Murphysboro, IL 62966
Phone 618.684.2961

Hours: Monday–Friday, 7am–4 pm
For After-Hours Problems, Call the Police Department 
Non-Emergency Number at 618.684.5244

The Water & Sewer Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for developing and maintaining water and sewer service to residents of the city.

Division responsibilities include:

  • Locating and repairing water and sewer leaks
  • Cleaning sewer lines
  • Cleaning sewer manholes and lift stations
  • Installing new water and sewer mains
  • Installing water taps
  • Reviewing high bill complaints
  • Locating water and sewer mains for Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators (JULIE) requests
  • Reading water meters
Water Leak Detection
Leaks contribute to a huge waste of a precious resource, clean water, as well as causing your water bill to soar. If you feel your water use is high, call the Water Department at 618.684.2431. They can determine if there is a leak on your property.
Sewer Maintenance Problems

If you experience sewer problems immediately contact the city. They will check the main sewer to determine if the stoppage is in the service line (city’s responsibility) or the building side (owner’s responsibility). The city will then clear the stoppage if it is in the service line part of the system.

Property Owner’s Responsibility – The owner of the property is responsible for keeping the sewer clean between the building and the sewer main. Locating the building sewer and its connection to the sewer main is also the owner’s responsibility, although the department will attempt to assist with available records and information. The department recommends any stoppages in the building lines should be cleared by a plumber.
Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
The City of Murphysboro is responsible for providing residents with important information about their drinking water and the efforts made by the water system to provide safe drinking water.  The full report is available for download.  Questions regarding the information on the report should be directed to Tim Lee, Foreman of the Water and Sewer Maintenance Division, at 618-684-4961.
Signing up for Water and Sewer Service

The following information is required before water and sewer service will be turned on at your residence.

  • You will need to come into our office located in the City Administrative Office at 1101 Walnut Street
  • You will need to fill an application card for the residence you wish to start service at.
  • You will need to provide a valid driver license or state ID.
  • If you are leasing your will need to bring in your lease for the address you wish to start service at. If you do not have a lease your Landlord will need to contact our office at 618-684-2431.
  • If you are purchasing a home you will need to provide proper documentation of the purchase.
  • Rental – Non-owner utility deposit is $200.00 at time of sign up.
  • Home owner utility deposit is $100.00 at time of sign up. Person must own residence and property the residence sets on.
  • The above stated information must be completed before service will be turned on.
  • If you currently have water service with our water district and wish you transfer your service to another address in our water district you will need to come into our office and fill our a new application card and provide a driver license or state ID. You will also need to provide a lease or proof of purchase of the residence. If you do not have a lease please have your landlord contact us.   A transfer fee of $25.00 will need to be paid at the time of signing up.
  • Return check fee is $25.00
Current Water and Sewer rates
City of Murphysboro ordinance #10-8 adopted by the City Council April 13, 2010. The water rate increase effective starting January 1, 2011.
Water Rate
  • Monthly water rate inside city limits for the first 2500 gallons $12.35 then $5.04 per 1000 gallons there after.
  • Monthly water rate outside city limits for the first 2500 gallons $22.64 then $5.76 per 1000 gallons there after.
Minimum charge per month
There shall be charged to all water customers the following minimum charges, based upon the
meter size, excepting that residential customers shall be billed on a bi-monthly basis and shall
be charged twice the amounts set out below. The City reservces the right to determine meter
size to any building or premises within the system:

Size of Meter: Inside City Limits Size of Meter: Outside City Limit

5/8″ $12.35 5/8″ $22.64
3/4″ 19.55 3/4″ 26.24
1″ 29.38 1″ 31.16
1 1/2″ 56.85 1 1/2″ 60.26
2″ 91.27 2″ 96.96
3″ 168.65 3″ 179.21
4″ 299.18 4″ 317.99
6″ 601.91 6″ 639.84
Each water customer shall pay a monthly assessment for each water service to be used solely for
the maintenance of existing water lines of Fifty Cents ( $0.50)