Historic Preservation Commission

316 North 12th Street
Murphysboro, IL 62966

E-mail: historicpreservation@murphysboro.com

Murphysboro is fortunate in having a number of homes and commercial buildings that represent well the work of master builders. This list includes homes in the Romantic vernacular, including Gothic Revival and Italianate styles; Victorian homes in Queen Anne and Folk architectural styles, along with a wealth of charming bungalows and other beautiful buildings. The preservation of Murphysboro’s historic homes and buildings contributes to the quality of life in our community by demonstrating pride and respect for our heritage.

To view a brochure that details Murphysboro’s many historic structures, click here.

To assist in meeting its mandates, the Historic Preservation Commission promotes the homes and buildings that already have a place on the National Register of Historic Places. In addition, the Commission is developing its Local Landmark program and is working toward having Murphysboro designated a Certified Local Government.

Members of the Murphysboro Historic Preservation Commission are appointed by the mayor and approved by the City Council. The ordinance that guides the Commission calls for up to nine members that serve staggered terms. Click HERE to view the ordinance.

The purpose of the commission is to: “…promote the protection, enhancement, perpetuation, and use of improvements of special character or historical interest or value in the interest of the health, prosperity, safety, and welfare of the people of the City of Murphysboro”. The commission addresses this mission by:

  1. Providing a mechanism to identify and preserve the historic and architectural characteristics of Murphysboro, which represents elements of Murphysboro’s cultural, social, economic, political, and architectural history
  2. Promoting civic pride in the beauty and noble accomplishments of the past as represented by Murphysboro’s landmarks and historic districts
  3. Stabilizing and improving the economic vitality and value of Murphysboro’s landmarks and historic areas
  4. Protecting and enhancing the attractiveness of the city to potential buyers, visitors, and shoppers, thereby, supporting business, commerce, and industry, and providing economic benefit to the city
  5. Fostering and encouraging preservation and restoration of structures, areas, and neighborhoods and, thereby, preventing further urban blight

Members of the Murphysboro Historic Preservation Commission:

Aaron Barnett- Chairperson for Zoning Board of Appeals
Gary Miller
Mike Jones
Judy Bost
Debbie Tindall
Scott Johnson