Snow Route Information


24-9-1 PARKING UNLAWFUL.  It shall be unlawful to park any vehicle on any designated and marked snow route in the City when the National Weather Service has forecast a snowfall of three (3) or more inches for the area or within twelve (12) hours after a snowfall of three (3) inches or more has occurred.

24-9-2 DESIGNATED STREETS.  The following streets and portions of streets are hereby designated as snow routes:

(A) State Routes – Maintained by Illinois Department of Transportation
     (1) Walnut Street in its entirety.
     (2) North 11th Street from Walnut Street to North 14th Street.
     (3) North 6th Street from Lucier Street to  State Route 13-127
     (4) State Route 13-127 (2nd Street) from Walnut Street to the northern City limits.
     (5) Business State Route 13 from Walnut Street to Bridge Street.
(Ord. No. 15-4; 03-10-15)

(B) Primary City Routes – Maintained by the City of Murphysboro Street Department
     (1) 22nd Street from Illinois Avenue to Division Street.
     (2) Division Street from 22nd Street to 23rd Street.
     (3) 23rd Street from Commercial Avenue to Division Street
     (4) West Riverside Park Rd / Stewart Lane from 23rd Street to the Waste Water Treatment Plant.
     (5) Commercial Avenue from 20th Street to 23rd Street.
     (6) Shoemaker Drive from 20th Street to Bridge Street.
     (7) Bridge Street from its intersection with Shoemaker Drive to Walnut Street via 8th Street.
     (8) Illinois Avenue from 6th Street to 22nd Street.
     (9) Gartside Street from 14th Street to 22nd Street.
     (10) 20th Street from Illinois Avenue to the southern limits of the City.
     (11) 16th Street from Walnut Street to Harry Ray Drive.
     (12) 7th Street from Lucier Street to Walnut Street.
     (13) 10th Street from Mulberry Street to Hanson Street.
(Ord. No. 15-4; 03-10-15)

(C) Alternate City Routes.
     (1) Spruce Street from 22nd Street to 8th Street via South and Mulberry Streets.
     (2) Pine Street from 15th Street to 22nd Street.
     (3) 7th Street from Illinois Avenue to the northern corporate limits of the City.
     (4) Industrial Park Rd from 7th Street to State Route 13-127
     (5) Williams Street from State Route 13 (Walnut St) to Bridge Street.
(Ord. No. 15-4; 03-10-15)

24-9-3 TOWING VEHICLES.  Any vehicle parked in a designated snow route zone at time prohibited under Section 24-9-1 above shall be towed away at the owner’s expense.

24-9-4 PENALTY.  Any person violating any of the above provisions of this Article, on conviction thereof, shall be subject to the penalties prescribed in Section 1-1-29, Revised Code of Ordinances.  (Ord. No. 80-5; 04-08-80)