MYRC Rental

Plenty of Space
The MYRC is an old grocery store with10,000 square feet of space. There are many large open spaces, but remodeling created small classrooms.
The MYRC has lots of great equipment. Projectors, Screen, Big Screen TV, DVD Player, Karaoke, Pool Tables, Air Hockey Tables and others.
Great Facilities
We may be an old grocery store but we sure have come far, with a computer lab, craft room, working kitchen and bathrooms.
Great Prices
The MYRC has competitive prices on their rental fees, as well as a different fee schedule for non-profits and youth groups.

Step 1: Look over the rental contract and see if we can meet your event needs.

Step 2: Call the MYRC to check if our facility is available for your dates. 618-684-8243
Step 3: Send deposit and rental money to MYRC. Also have your insurance company send us proof of insurance. Arrange time to pick up a key.