About us

Our Mission:
To provide a safe environment for youth and their families to build strong, healthy relationships that encourage and promote positive citizenship for our community.


MYRC Facts
Did you know that our wonderful building, with its computer lab, craft room, kitchen bathrooms and more used to be a grocery store? Yes, infact many members of the community still call it the Old Kroger, or the Piggly Wiggly. What a long way we have come!
Our target audience is middle school aged youth, however we are open to events for the entire community. our main program is our after school program, but other events that we commonly hold are St. Patricks Day Kid's fair, Emergency Preparedness Events, Town Hall Meetings against Underage Drinking and more.
What is all of that construction outside? Smysor has generously donated the money to build a park in our former parking lot.
The Murphysboro Youth and Recreation Center is powered largely by volunteers, a volunteer board and community volunteers.